Monday, November 26, 2007

Hustle Hag

Someone asked me why I called this blog "Hustle Hag" so I thought I'd just write it down! I tried several names and they were all taken, of course. You know how it is. While mulling this little problem over this little tid bit from the past came to mind.
It started when my niece, Laura, was about 3. We went to First Monday (a huge flea market in Canton, Texas.) I was carrying her on my hip when she looked up and saw that her mom, my sister, had walked a few booths up from where we were. She kicked me with her heels, like I was a riding horse, and said "Hustle, Hag." She was pointing toward her mom with a concerned look on her little face, then kicked me again and bobbed her body in the direction I needed to go. My sister and I still laugh over that. However, at age 13 now, Laura doesn't find it nearly as amusing as we do! When this came to mind I thought, "Ah ha!" And so there you have it: Hustle Hag. It says a lot about my life. I'm always hustling to try to get things done and I'm always behind anyway!


parlance said...

Hi, Sharon.
Thanks for dropping by to Penny's dog blog. If I ever find out the proper way to wash a dog's face with a high pressure spray, I'll let you know. A friend used to groom Penny so I think she would let me watch while she grooms. I'm going to ring her soon and ask if I can sit in on a session. I remember she showed me how to be careful of the ears but I forget what she said about the face.

parlance said...

Forgot to say, I love the name of the blog!!

The Aged Cat said...

Hey, Rusty's mom! Thanks for leaving the link to your Hustle Hag blog.

This is funny. Give Laura another 8 or 10 years to regain her sense of humor. You know how we/they are at 13 years. <:-)

fiction-books said...

Hi Sharon,

Oh how we do love to embarrass others!

That story is just like me fishing out all the old family snapshots and video clips of my niece, now that she is on the point of getting married.

She is till convinced that there is some big plan afoot to show them on the wedding day ... as if!!!


Anonymous said...

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