Saturday, December 8, 2007

Mexican Food

Love it! We got our Tex-Mex fix today on the way to Tyler at the Jalapeno Tree.
This restaurant has become my husband's favorite. The words " out of this world" came out of his mouth twice during this meal. These words were used to describe the rice and the chicken enchiladas. He usually doesn't have much at all to say about food, so this has been a shock to me.
I had the fajitias which were good. The best thing at the Jalapeno Tree is the green salsa! YUM! It's there between the two bowls of red salsa behind the plate. I can make a meal on chips and that green salsa.
It was only 73 out today so we didn't need our jackets. (That was for my sister's sake, neener neener.)


dot said...

It all looks delicious! Mexican food is something I haven't had much of besides Tacos.

Mrs. G. said...

Did someone say Mexican food? This looks so good. I have never met a refried bean I didn't like.