Monday, December 10, 2007

Reindeer T-shirts & All

My second graders have been busy busy working on their Christmas program with our music teacher, studying all their regular subjects and learning the traditions and customs of other nations in our Christmas Around the World unit. They've done several fun projects, drawn flags of several countries in the Christmas journal under the entries, and all seven second grade classes got together and created reindeer t-shirts for the kiddos to wear at the program. They had a lot of fun doing that, you know, paint and all. The best part was having their hands painted and used to make the antlers.
We will be super busy between now and the time school gets out. Besides the program, the second grade will go to a local nursing home to sing carols, we will have a field trip to a Christmas tree farm where there will be a hay ride and hot chocolate. We will take sack lunches and eat at the farm that day. We hope someone is there to buy a tree that day, then we can watch them cut it down. I hope that we can finish our Christmas unit between all the activities! Needless to say they are looking forward to the party on the 21st.

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