Sunday, December 16, 2007

Second Grade Christmas Program

The second grade Christmas program was last Thursday. I was so proud of my kiddos, they did a great job!

This was a very different kind of program for us, the seven second grade teachers. Usually we practice with the kids, rehearse on the stage, discuss time and sequence, practice more, it goes on and on. Then the night of the program we gather our little chicks up in our rooms and take them as a group to the stage, monitor, encourage and take them back as a group to our rooms. I don't think that, up until this year, any of us has ever seen an entire program.

THIS year was different. Our new music teacher did all the practicing during music time in her class. She instructed the kids to stay with their parents on the night of the program and come to the stage when she called the individual classes. She wanted the teachers to sit in the audience and enjoy the program! Well having had our cheese in one place lo these many years we were worried at having it moved into such a different place. Would it work? Would the kiddos get up there and back? Was it possible for the show to go on without us? Guess what? It was wonderful. The kids got up there and back, they knew their parts, they did a great job, we saw the entire show (hearing however was a different story), and all was well with the world!

The kids did great!! It was the parents who didn't do so great. There was talking throughout the entire program. We could barely hear the music teacher give instructions. At the beginning of several songs she had to remind the audience that the kids had worked hard. She asked for the audience to settle down. (She was very polite and asked in a kind voice.) They didn't and some were actually offended that anyone thought that they should show the simple courtesy of hushing while the children were performing.

Oh well. Such is life! The kids enjoyed doing it and that is what counts. Their smiles were radiant and they were beautiful.

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