Saturday, December 22, 2007

Walkies with Rusty -Funny Picture

I took Rusty to the town park for his walk today, Saturday. usually we walk around the neighborhood or David takes us to the big wooded park outside of town. This is the first time Rusty had been to this park. Ths statue scared him a little then he walked up to it to get a good sniff and a look. That guy sure is big and he smells funny!
I got him to sit down in front of the statue and stay. He is a good boy and knows several commands and words so he stayed. There are more words he knows on his own post. If you click on the picture you can see how windy it was. I laughed out loud when I looked at it on the computer. I had to share it. All in all it was a good walk. He always enjoys them and I need the exercise! The only way it could've been any better for Rusty is if there had been any squirrels to terrorize.


Mrs. G. said...

Here Rusty, Rusty, Rusty...come here, boy. You are so cute...come live with Mrs. G.

kalurah said...

You have to thank your lucky stars that Rusty didn't have his leg up in that picture!

Anonymous said...

Rusty is adorable here thinking the statue was a real person. Adorable picture.