Saturday, January 5, 2008

First Monday!

Today the dear husband and I had a lot of fun or got a lot of exercise. Or maybe both. We got up and had breakfast at the Birds Egg Cafe, Wanda's place. I'm planning to say more about her at a later time. We then went back home, picked up Rusty and went to Canton to First Monday. If you live around here you know it's great fun. Acres and acres and acres of places to shop. What's not to like? Part of it is like a giant flea market. The pavilions have mostly new things to sell. The variety is infinite. The weather was perfect.The temp was in the low 70's with some wind. Wonderful!

We walked for around that place for about 4 hours. I bought three books for 50 cents each. Not just mass market paperback size, but the trade book size. I added a pair of large Shawnee style Smiley pig salt and pepper shakers to my collection. They are just there to hold a place until I can get the real ones. They are cute and if I don't tell anyone no one will know they are fake. Unless you tell someone!

We got two bottles of balsamic vinegar and two kinds of flavored pastas.
Tangerines were purchased from a farmers type market. Rusty got a pound of home made dog biscuits. He liked that shop! Almost forgot to mention the peanut brittle, yum.

Rusty was so good! He didn't pull his lead (too much.) He didn't dive for other dogs. He didn't bark even at yappy little dogs that barked at him. He usually doesn't get to go because of the heat. We see other people with their dogs there in the dead of summer and they look so miserable. The dogs, not the people. As I write this he is laying on the floor beside me dead to the world. He is just worn out!


Elaine said...

Sounds like fun.

I just love your dog.

Mrs. G. said...

This sounds like a lovely day. Yay for Rusty.

Gina said...

This place sound wonderful! I'm glad Rusty could go. The book I got was a very simple read by Lillian Jackson Braun "The Cat Who..." series. I like to read about the characters. It is really not a mystery to me like my favorites by Mary Higgins Clark but they are fun books.
I have had arthritis since age 3 and I fell in Nov. 06 and broke my femur 1/2 into. They did surgery but because of 35 years of cortisone injections, my bones did not heal. Then in June 07 they did a complete hip, knee and femur replacement. (Huge operation). I am doing well although my gait will never be the same and I had to go on disability. I love your blog.

Paulie said...

I like places like that. We have a local farmer's market and I love walking around trying to find a bargain or something new.