Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Things I Love About My Pets - A List

Things I Love About My Pets - A List

1. Rusty is sooo happy to see me come home after work. It makes me warm inside to see his little wagging tail (such as it) and know he is truly happy to see me.

2. I love it when Jenny, my old white cat, sits in my lap and purrs. Or when she crawls up on my side when I'm sleeping and purrs. Of course she wakes me up a little, but, well, she's purring.....

3. Bob is sweet when he sits on the arm of the couch by me. He is not a lap cat but likes to be near.

4. When Dallas comes in he always wants pats before he goes to check the cat food bowl.
5. Rusty loves to play tug of war and it is fun to watch his simple joy in this game.

6. I like the way Dallas talks. He is a very vocal cat and lets you know what he wants. He says, very loudly "CHOOOOOOOOWWWWW" when he is hungry. He says "OOOOOOUUUUT" when he wants out. If I'm not quick enough he says, even louder, "OOOOOOUT NOOOOOOOOOW." If he wants pats he walks down the hall calling "MEEEEEEow."

7. Rusty makes me laugh when he jumps in my lap with his Nylabone and shoves it in my hand for me to hold while he chews it.

8. It is funny to watch Rusty snuffle Dallas' face. Dallas puts up with it and has never swatted Rusty.

9. They are so much comfort and company.

10. Bear and Rusty love their treats so. Rusty is fairly easy to teach tricks to due in part to his love of treats. It is fun to have Rusty practice his tricks.

11. Rusty sleeps on my lap when we are watching TV. If Jenny isn't already there. Then, if he really wants on my lap he sits on the ottoman and whines till she is so irritated she leaves.
12. I love the way Rusty twists his head back and forth when I am talking to him.

13. All of these things make for a fairly entertaining day.


Jane said...

Oh pets are such a blessing! Bandit is waiting on the porch most nights when I get home. He meows till I get food in the bowl for him :)

Gina said...

Wonderful list. I love the way Mandy and Tuffy want to be with me at all times--especially Tuffy. He HAS to be with me at all times. They are so dear to me.

Paulie said...

hehehehe I like #11 best! I never had any pets as an adult.

Anonymous said...

Aaaahhhhh~Our children are so wonderful! Especially talking cats and dogs-lol! I miss having so many animals around. I used to live on a farm with another dog~black lab, Chloe and numerous barn cats. I also had about 10 horses. Now it's just Patch and I. He's my world! Of course, you already knew that!