Thursday, March 20, 2008

Life Happpens!

Life happens, and it doesn't happen conveniently. You can slide along for months, going about your everyday routine with nothing much happening. Wake up, drink your coffee, tend the animals, go to work, come home, do house work, cook dinner, tend to the animals, watch a little TV or read, go to bed.
Then all of a sudden life just starts happening. Here is what is going on around here:

1. I decided to redo the bathroom and it is finished now, but it took about a week, mainly two weekends, fitting it in around the regular life stuff.

2. My niece, who has started her own photography business, is going to teach me about cameras, so I'm in the process of reading up on good cameras and trying to decide what kind to get. She says the Canon Rebel would be good for me since I just want a good "enthusiasts" camera not a professional. Cameras have come a long way and I am still the point and shoot kind of photographer.

3. My sister, her husband and daughter are coming to visit for 4 days from Kansas. I haven't seen them since last summer when she got married and moved back to Kansas.

4. David's daughter is coming in from Seattle, Washington on April 2 to visit us and her grandmother (her mother's mother) for about a week. She is bringing with her her youngest son, 3 year old Ethan. When she leaves she won't be taking Ethan with her, he is to stay with us and his great-grandmother for 3 or 4 months. We're not really sure why she decided to do this or even if she is going to come back to get him. The two older boys are with their father in Seattle (or there abouts,) who isn't Ethan's father, or I suspect he'd be there too.

So. Life. It goes along smoothly for months on end, then WHAM, a whole big bunch of it lands on your door step. Ya gotta love it. It keeps you from becoming stuck in a rut. I think a three year old will do us a lot of good, really get us out of the old rut.


dot said...

That exactly the way it goes sometimes!
Good luck in picking a new camera and how nice that you have a real photographer to help you out.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Well that's huge!

Get the Rebel--I have one and I love it.

gina said...

WOW! Company that comes and then leaves is one thing---company that stays is another. How will you manage him while you work? I sort of wish that would happen to me...I think.

Old Wom Tigley said...

None can tell what awaits around the corner.. I'm sure you will rise to it all and find it enjoyable..

SandyCarlson said...

You'll be busy! What a blessing to have so many loved ones coming your way. God bless!

Anonymous said...

That sure is huge!

Sharon I work with a Canon Powershot IS5 but believe me (and Jenn too) the Rebel is quite a thing.

Neva, whom you can find on my FRIENDS TO VISIT link, also haves one. She says wonders of the REBEL.

Easter Greetings.

Paulie said...

Enjoy your new camera! That is sad if she abandons her 3 year old but she is blessed to have you all there to care for child. Enjoy yoru company!

Mrs. G. said...

If a three-year-old doesn't shake up life, I don't know what will.

You have a great attitude.

parlance said...

Hi, Sharon, I came over to see whether you had found that link about the dogs in China and then I read all your news. Isn't life challenging at times?
I'm doing a photography course and I spent ages recently reading up on cameras. I didn't have an expert to advise me - you are so lucky. In the end I bought a Nikon D80 which is great. I had to buy one that was a bit fancy, because we're supposed to learn about all the controls and to take the camera off 'manual' and experiment.
Regarding Ethan, I hope he brings you joy while he is with you. Life is hard for children in these days of family upheaval.

Mercedes said...

You have a lot going on! Bless little Ethan. I believe he will be in great hands! Keep us posted!

p.s. You were right~Wham!