Sunday, April 6, 2008

Waiting at the Window

Early Saturday morning I was eating a biscuit standing at the kitchen sink looking into the backyard. I noted that the window needs to be cleaned. The morning was clear and bright, the sky a brilliant blue. I was waiting for my step-daughter and her Granny to come pick me up for a day at First Monday.

I noticed a mockingbird working over a pecan in the yard near the patio. I glanced at our lab, Bear. She too had noticed the mockingbird but seemed uninterested. Then she made a half hearted lunge in the direction of the mockingbird which flew to the fence and sat fussing at her.
Bear nosed the pecan then trotted to the back of the yard to visit with the dogs in the yard behind us. When she was a few paces away the mockingbird returned to the pecan.

I finished the biscuit and was watching a couple of squirrels playing in the pecan trees and thought I should call Rusty and let him out so he could bark at the squirrels, his favorite pass time. Before I could turn a crow flew down from one pecan tree and up to the next with a mockingbird in hot pursuit. I caught another glimpse of them as the crow was chased out of the yard and into the next.

Then I saw the truck, containing my companions for the day, and headed for the carport.


Paulie said...

Oh, the things we can see if we just take the time to LOOK.

dot said...

I bet that was fun to watch! I enjoyed this post.

Gina said...

I love to watch nature outside too. I bet you had fun at First Monday.

serendipity said...

That must have been lovely! Not many take the time to observe the beauty of nature nowadays.