Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Three Things About Me

I was tagged by Kathryn over at The Empty Nest to do this meme. The rules are to tell everyone three things about yourself that they don't already know. Hmmmmmm, ok that's out..... uuuuuhh, no........... Let me think, nope everyone knows about Rusty, OK here:

  • I always come in on the trailing edge of technology. I never even heard of blogging until a couple of years ago. I know, pretty pitiful. I just shake my head in wonder when I read about people who have been blogging for years. I was one of the last of my friends to get a cell phone and now I can't live without it. When I got my iPod my niece had to show me how to use it. I didn't quit buying cassette tapes until they quit selling them. I tried to turn my first CD over to hear the other side. I could go on but I think this is bad enough. (Point in fact here. I can't get rid of the extra bullets.)
  • I was raised an Air Force brat. Dad was a pilot in the USAF so we lived in several states including Michigan (where I was born,) Alaska, California, Alaska (again,) and Kansas. After dad retired we lived in Missouri then Texas, where mom and dad were from originally.
  • I pay good money to Curves every month and haven't been there for weeks!

If you would like to play, please do. Leave it in a comment or leave a link to your post! thanks.


Mrs. G. said...

If I had all my unused gym money, I would be a rich woman.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

What Mrs. G said, but add Weight Watchers fees to that!

Anonymous said...

Oooh Nooo. You tried to turn your CD Over? That is so frikkin' funny!

You have an ipod? I'm scaird a you!

Deleting the bullets is easy. Just go to the end of the sentence and put your curser after the period. Then you hit delete.

Gina's Public Diary said...

You have an ipod...WOW! :D
I wouldn't know what to do with one.
After watching my first DVD I went to rewind it. *embarrassed*
I still try to find cassettes. :D
I bet Alaska is beautiful.
I need to go to Curves. :(
I enjoyed these Sharon.
Mine is up.

Katney said...


Mercedes said...

I have has a cell phone since I was 18 years old...I got it when my Dad had a heart attack (at age 43) and they put his pacemaker in. I have had one ever since. If I paid for a gym I too would waste it-lol!

Mercedes said...

I am Sharing the Love at my place!

Anonymous said...

What a loser!! You are the most
pathetic excuse for a woman!
Turn over a cd? What a moron!
iPod iDiot!
I wonder who is helping you with
your new spiffy camera?
Girlfriend, you need some serious
help! It's a good thing you have
such a kindhearted, awesome, wonderful niece! I know her mom is
just as awesome as she is! ;-)
Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

Nice knowing some more about you ...