Friday, June 13, 2008

What's in a Name?

Kathryn at The Empty Nest and Mere at Mercedes’ World did this meme and it looked fun, so I borrowed it!

1. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (First 3 letters of real name plus “izzle”) Shaizzle
2. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (Favorite color and favorite animal) Blue Panda
3. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (Middle name, and current street you are on) Dea Trimble
4. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (The first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name, first 3 letter of mom’s maiden) Broshtay
5. YOUR SUPER HERO NAME: (2nd favorite color, favorite drink) Purple Sweet Tea
6. YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (Mother’s middle name and father’s middle name) Anita David
7. YOUR GOTH NAME: (Black, and the name of one of your pets) Black Rusty, or should I have gone with Black Bear? :)
8. YOUR SPY NAME: (Your name spelled backwards) Norahs

Feel fee to join in by leaving your answers in a comment or create a post and leave me the link to your post!


Mercedes said...

Black Bear fits-lol! Thanks for joining in the fun! Here is mine. And I have another here.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh Purple Sweet Tea I'm 'scaired a you!

From your Goth friend

Black Sissy!

Gina's Public Diary said...

Hi Gangsta Shaizzle,
You want to stop by my detective agency Blue Cheetah and talk about Dea Trimble and Renee Biscoe? hehe

Gina's Public Diary said...

I forgot to sign my name....

Sincerely, Ginizzle.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Very cute--my soap opera name is so not.

Anonymous said...

oooh! my Goth name could be Black Lily. I like it!

In_spired said...

I've missed many of your postings. I hope to have some time to catch up on them. You always have such "good stuff"! Life around here has been hectic and in a turmoil for the past month.

This is a cute meme! My Goth name? Black Butch!! Isn't that hilarious?

Thanks for the recent visits and comments you've made on my blog.

From what I've learned about you from your blog, I'll bet you're already thinking about SCHOOL and all the neat ways you can help children.

Have a glorious day in the Lord...

Shannon H. said...

Purple Sweet Tea actually sounds like a good drink!

Katney said...

1. Katizzle
2. Purple Giraffe
3. Jane County Line (Somehow I don't think this one works that well.)
4. Shakaboc
5. Blue Pepsi
6. Christina Taft
7. Black Babe
8. Yhtak (Go ahead, pronounce it.)

Anonymous said...

Mauve Moose
Kay Carrie
Violet Lemonade
Anita David
Black Cowboy (?) ha
maybe I should use his middle name
and be Black Luck?

Love yas!