Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Cards

I finished my Christmas cards today! The idea for the card came from one of the Stampin' Up meetings I attended. I changed the colors and the word stamped in the middle, and created a sentiment for the inside. The sentiment was printed from my computer and cut out using a Coluzzle as was the blue background for it. You can't see it in the picture but there is a tiny bit of glitter (extra fine) on the snowflake inside the card. I wish I could have found some snowflake shaped brads for the two tabs on the front of the card but was only able to find some BIG ones, which wouldn't do. So I use plain silver colored brads. I always feel a little disappointed in my cards, somewhat critical of them, but have always received compliments (without prompting or prodding from me) on them. So I guess they turn out fine. Any ideas on creating cards, or how this one could have been improved or changed, let me know! I enjoy talking over cards and techniques!

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Paulie said...

I enlarged this and it is beautiful! Do you make your cards all the same each year for Christmas? I don't belong to any group -- just started about 4 years ago and I just keep experimenting. I looked for tiny snowflake brads also but found none. I used to put all my cards on a blog from yahoo call 360 degrees (can't find a typing symbol for that degrees word) I got busy and stopped doing that blog but maybe again some day. Do you do stamps all year? zI reckon you must since you belong to a group. It's funny how I missed your cards before. I know I visited other posts above it besides on Fridays. . . Hope you will post more of yours soon.

Dot wants to learn to make cards now too -- I gave her a few tips and she is making a birthday card for her daughter.