Sunday, December 30, 2007

iPod Classic - Evil Machine??

This is what the Dear Husband got me for Christmas. I've been messing with it for several days now. It has been very interesting, you know, old dogs and new tricks. The box included a spare little set of instructions, really no more than a little fan with pictures. Now, being a big fan of point and grunt technology, these picture instructions were just fine for a beginning. However.... I neglected to read past the "How to charge" portion. More on this later.

I proceeded to sync the thing, struggle through more instructions, and download songs. Mostly country at this time. I also put in an album I own , What If by Giovanni. I mean a CD. (remember: old) Then I purchased two audiobooks of such opposite genres I'm surprised they are residing peacefully side by side in there. First was Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Second was Wife for Hire by Janet Evanovich. Her books are so funny. Then I signed up for a couple of pod casts.

After all this I decided to put pictures in it. But then I realized that it had already taken in EVERY SINGLE picture in My Pictures. Every single one. I'm going to try to delete some of them sometime. I'd like just to have some highlights on there, not everything. If I do try to show some pictures people are going to go to sleep.

As you may remember from above I didn't read all the instructions on the little fan .This resulted in *sigh* (don't laugh) me not being able to turn the thing off. Then I remembered the old saying: "If all else fails, read the instructions." I would have looked in the manuals on the computer but I like books. And where instructions are concerned I need to underline and take notes. That messes up the computer screen. I was glad that I had purchased "The iPod Book" by Scott Kelby for just such situations as this. I looked under "t" for turn it off. I looked under "o" for off. I looked under 'b" for buttons. *sigh* Nope, not in there. I finally got that little slip of paper back out and sure enough there were the picture instructions for turning off this evil little machine.

Got out the evil machine today and listened to "Wife for Hire" while I did house work. It seems a little less evil in the light of day and since it has proved itself to be useful. I'll end up liking it. In January I'll get to see my 13 year old niece and get her to help me with anything I haven't been able to work out.


Julie said...

If in doubt ask a 13 year old! Sounds perfect to me! *lol* I haven't been brave enough to venture into Ipod or MP3 land yet. My mother on the other hand is 82 and has an MP3 player!
Thank you for visiting my blog Sharon. I'm glad you liked my cards and my pink friend!

Mrs. G. said...

I got one too. I shudder to admit that I haven't messed with it yet. I'm not kidding when I tell you that the instruction frighten me. One of the kids will have to help me.

poor man's nicole richie said...

my iPod was a big help to me. I used to play my recorded review session for the board exam and play it while I was working in the office.
the old version of iTunes is a pain in the neck glad they've though of that and came up with a friendly version.
thanks for the visit.
i'm hoping that my PC won't give up on me until march.
happy new year!

Paulie said...

I am the proud owner of a Shuffle that is a year old now. I can't get it to work. I asked a young man from church to take it home and see if it worked and he said it did. I jsut can't get the name to show up in my iTunes so I can't figure how to proceed. It just sits here collecting dust. I sure could use it on my walks!