Saturday, December 29, 2007

Notes From Children

I just love getting notes from little kids! This one is from my precious great-niece! She created it at her nannies house where we all were for Christmas. As you can tell, it is now on my refrigerator and it will stay there for awhile (a year?) before it goes into the file cabinet. She is in first grade in the school where I teach and is always so cute when we happen to cross paths.

Rusty now shares ;) my love of notes from youngsters because he recently got a Christmas card from one of my students. I posted it on his blog, but will re -post it here. The little boy created it especially for Rusty, drew and colored bones on the front. So cute.

They all know Rusty because I have him as the wallpaper on my computer at school. I also found a stamp that is of a Yorkie and it looks just like Rusty. I use it everyday on their folders. They have started calling it their "Rusty," as in :

"Do I get a Rusty today?"

"I want my Rusty upside down!"

"I'm making a pattern with my Rustys!"

"I didn't get my Rusty!"

"He doesn't get a Rusty! He was in trouble in PE."

OK, I'm still working on the tattling thing, but you get the drift. They have fun with it.


Professor J said...

Hi there. New to your blog. Love the Christmas card to Rusty!

Jane said...

So cute! I love that the kids love your baby!

RuneE said...

I am quite sure that you deserve all the notes you get from your little ones!


Christy said...

That is too cute! I adore getting notes from my students too. I love the 'rusty' stamp. That's just precious.

In_spired said...

First time visitor to your blog via christy. You have a beautiful journal going here...

Mind if I visit again?

Mrs. G. said...

How can you not love homemade love...and Rusty?

Andrea said...

How precious. Homemade cards from children are special. I can see you are enjoying yours.